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Raise your glass to congratulate us on the official opening of JuzTods

Cling.. Cling.. Cling.. Holla and welcome to the new JuzTods blog. Here’s where you’ll find the latest & greatest news on everything about JuzTods – from cool product/service updates to interviews with JuzTods employees (yes, there are wildly interesting people running around here starting with me of course).

Plus you’ll see JuzTods fans/readers in the spotlight with our weekly member profiles. Along the way, we’ll try to make this blog a touch more interesting to read than your house appliances' user manual.

So bookmark this blog, email to a friend/colleague, and let’s pump up the volume on news at JuzTods. And of course, we’d love getting your feedback on us and this blog — and what you want to see discussed (and showcased) in the future.

Until next time friends…

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