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How To Choose the Best Diaper Bag

Introducing the best baby diaper bag for your outdoor needs
How to Choose the Best Diaper Bag

Almost everyone who has a baby owns a diaper bag. Baby needs a lot of diapers, wipes, clothes, bottles, and binkies throughout the day.

But if you have ever carried a traditional diaper bag around for more than an hour, you know how much discomfort it causes on the shoulders and back.

What is the perfect solution? A backpack diaper bag.

The ability to carry everything you need is a huge advantage. We've found the best backpack diaper bags that fit your lifestyle.

How to Choose a Backpack Diaper Bag

1) Weight

Weight may be important depending on your size and strength. Some bags (with all their features) can weigh over 2.5 pounds - and that's before you even load up your gear. Look at the product description to determine whether the weight is too much for you and choose a lightweight model.

2) Design

Diaper bag backpacks come in a variety of designs. The designs range from sleek & modern to fun & flirty, to camouflaged backpacks. Choosing something that suits you but won't seem outdated in a few years is the best approach. Also, if daddy will carry it occasionally, make sure to ask him if he would like it in a gender-neutral color or style.

3) Easy to clean

An exterior made of water-resistant materials can easily be cleaned after a spill. There is no way your bag is not going to get dirty thanks to bottle leaks, sticky fingers after snacks, and diaper blowouts. Choose one that's easy to clean.

4) Stroller Pockets

With a million things in your bag, you might need a million pockets. Identify your specific storage needs by evaluating all the items you'll put in your diaper bag. This will keep everything neat and organized so you don't end up digging through a giant mess every time you need something.

5) Insulated compartments

It's still nice to have an insulated compartment, even if you are not pumping milk. Eventually you'll be carrying baby food or sippy cups filled with the regular milk, and being able to keep them warm will be exceptionally useful.

6) Stroller strap

If you don't want to carry your diaper bag all the time, you don't want to take up all the stroller's storage space with your bag. Choosing one with stroller straps built-in will save you from buying them separately, AND you can quickly reach your bag while it's hung off the stroller without having to take it off.

7) Special Feature

Perhaps the changing mat would be included. This is especially true if you are on the go, and hygiene is your highest priority when you lay your child down in public places such as the baby changing room, public washrooms, etc.


ALL in ONE Multifunctional Diaper Bag

Comes in several gender neutral colours, suitable for both daddy and mummy.... Pst pst, JuzTods has 2 exclusive colors that can be discovered, For us to know, for you to find out. Make sure to make your reservation fast, Limited stock!

Large capacity.

Internal bag compartments

Top and front compartments for your little devices

Insulated milk bottle compartments

An easy-to-access side pocket and tissue pocket because wet tissues are most often used in your bag

Cute lil Key pacifier pouch

Easy connection to your mobile phone devices with this USB charging port

Breathable material bag strap

Besides the best features of all, did I mention the most important one? It includes a foldable bed that converts into a crib that you can watch over your baby without having to carry him around. Put an end to aching arms and backs.

Decently sized compact diaper backpack

Strap your diaper bag to your stroller in 2 ways

Our Verdict

This is the best diaper backpack around, and it is coming to you from JuzTods.

These backpacks are the practical, low-maintenance lifesaver every mom needs. They are adjustable stroller straps to save your back, spacious enough to keep things organized, have three bottle pockets, and can be easily cleaned with water-resistant fabric.

Furthermore, it comes with a detachable foldable bed that baby can nap in, and Dad won't feel ashamed to carry it around.

JuzTods has 5 different colours coming in stock soon. Currently priced at only $48.90 at pre order stage (Usual price will be going at $68.90) Be sure to grab one for yourself, or it could very well be the best gift for a new mom.

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