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Every baby has a personality.

Hi, I'm Gisela, a Mompreneur with two impish little boys + one equally playful hubby. I have a loving family but we hit the rocks when I got dismissed after having my second born. 

Well, blessing in disguise, when I had my firstborn, I could not find any romper design that brings out my baby's personality, hence I started designing my own rompers. My supportive hubby recognized my inner talent and cajoled me to start making some pocket money while looking after the boys. 

Hence, the birth of JuzTods. yayy!!!

The demure.. the impish.. the adventurous.. the book-lovers.. the born singers.. the miracles..

We believe every baby has a personality and every milestone are worth celebrating. Hence, we specially curated designs for different babies to suit the different personality!

Check out our current collections and remember to sign up our newsletter for upcoming designs! 

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